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Animal Models

Portfolio of more than 50 transgenic mice

These mouse strains have been developed as tools for the investigation of gene function in the immune system as well as other contexts in vivo, and as models of immune system disease. They enable research into disease processes in and outside the immune system as well as the targeted development of new therapies.

For further scientific background see Klaus Rajewsky.

Commercial user
can access these animal models through Ascenion.
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Non-commercial users
that is, researchers in universities and public research institutes,
can order them directly from the Jackson Laboratory in Maine, USA or the INFRAFRONTIER/EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive)

or contact

Dr. Ursula Lichtenberg
Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research
Gleueler Str. 50
50931 Cologne
T. +49-221-4726-301
E. ursula.lichtenberg(at)